Crisis in Ukraine

In 300x250-ron-charles-podcastthis edition of their weekly podcast, Ron Paul and Charles Goyette discuss the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.

According to Ron Paul:

Whenever you see a bill like this, this bill called the Russian Aggression Prevention Act, it follows a rule that I have. If you look at the title of a bill, assume that exactly the opposite is going to happen. So you can learn a whole lot from the title. So if they’re calling this a Russian Aggression Prevention Act, it means that maybe there is going to be some aggression exerted against somebody else, and it won’t be the Russians against us. So this is a shame. But that is the mess. It’s been going on for about 10 years. You know, when Victoria Nuland and Geoffrey Pyatt got together, the state department and the ambassador, they talked about replacing Yanukovych and they picked their individuals and pulled off a coup. It’s nothing more than that.

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