Ron Reflects on Memorial Day

May 26, 2014 – For me, Memorial Day is a very sad day. It’s sad not only for the great loss of life in so many wars but tragic because the deaths could have been prevented. For America, going to war has become too casual and routine. They are now fought without a constitutional declaration and are not pursued in defense of our country or liberties. I’m convinced that this loss of life that we praise with patriotic fervor on Memorial Day can’t be made more acceptable by denying the truthFuneral-Flag-American-Veteran-Soldier.

We should not continue the propaganda and deception that generated support for the senseless wars in the first place. The one option that might help for so many soldiers dying in vain is if we have a change in government policy that would prevent these needless and senseless wars from occurring.

Those of us who understand how so many of our war deaths could have been prevented are not assuaged by the glorification of war and the false praise on the participants who were misled into participating in them.

Our heartfelt grief cannot be dispelled by falsifying the real reasons of why we go to war.