Ron Paul Asks You To #VoteForTheGoats in Detroit

June 9, 2014 — I want to give you an update on what’s going on in Detroit. I understand there are some goats in Detroit now trying to clean the city up. But the city managers, the city officials just don’t like it.
A good friend, Mark Spitznagel, who has been a friend of our freedom movement for a long time, has sent 20 of his goats—Mark is a farmer in Michigan—to Detroit. He hopes to send even more goats into Detroit to clean up the city. And it’s a pretty good argument. The politicians haven’t done a good job. They’ve had their chance. They’ve had 40 or 50 or 60 years of socialism in that city, bankrupting the city. They’re trying to clean it up, so they say. They’re looking for more bailouts and who is going to pick up the pieces and how they are going to take care of the pension funds.
Watch this video for more comments from Ron Paul on #VoteForTheGoats
In the meantime, people are leaving the city. The city is being emptied. There are a lot of vacant houses, vacant lots, and nobody is even claiming the property. That’s what happens when you don’t have people. There is wild overgrowth. The weeds grow, the grass grows, the houses fall down and it’s a real mess.
Mark took it upon himself to say, at least we can clean up the city and clean up these vacant lots. So he sent 20 goats down there. He didn’t get the proper permission. Now that the land belongs to everybody and nobody, the government wants to say whether or not you can clean up the city on your own. So the city has objected to this, and he has given Mark a deadline to get the goats out or else you’re going to get fined $500 a day per goat. Of course, Mark’s idea was to get 60 goats down there and really do the jobGoat.

I was thinking this would be a fantastic time for someone to come along and think about these problems. These kinds of problems are going to spread across the country. Somebody ought to start a business called Rent-A-Goat program so everybody can go out, get a goat and clean up the mess. The problem is, though, there is nobody declaring ownership of these properties and it’s going to take way too long.
So I would suggest that anyone who is interested in this story ought to maybe give the mayor a call or go on his Facebook page and say, “Hey, Mr. Mayor, why are you throwing this guy out? Why are you throwing the goats out? These goats are doing a better job than the politicians are doing.” I don’t think that’s such a bad idea. It might annoy the politicians. But the politicians need to be awakened. They need to wake up and find out what’s going on.