Bowe Bergdahl – Hero or Traitor?

June 4, 2014 — I want to make a few comments about Bowe Bergdahl, the sergeant who has just been released from captivity from the Taliban in trade for five Taliban from Guantanamo. There’s a lot of discussion going on because one group says he’s the greatest hero ever and we’re going to welcome him home and that this is just wonderful. Then there’s another group that says no, he’s a traitor; that he’s AWOL, he’s a monster and probably deserves the death penalty. The extremists are talking about that. I think it’s neither one of those. I’ll tell you what I think this is all about.

Watch this video for more comments from Ron Paul on Bowe Bergdahl.
This is sort of ironic. Some argue the case that war has ended and that it is commonplace to release prisoners. Technically the war was never started. There was never a declaration of war. We never had a peace treaty. So it’s hardly a comparison between wars that were explicit and there was an exchange of prisoners after so many other wars that have occurred. This is not quite like that.
Besides, the war that isn’t a war is perpetual. The war on terrorism is going to last forever. Even though the odds of getting killed by a terrorist attack are very slim to so many other dangers in the world. I, of course, argue the case that terrorism is something to be very concerned about. If we understand it we can essentially eliminate even the threat of terrorism. But nevertheless, it’s a weak argument to say that we ended the war and this is an exchange of prisoners.
Then when you look at exactly what happened when Sgt. Bergdahl left his unit, it sounded like he might have been captured. But from what I read and the evidence that’s here, even prior to his return there was a discussion of his being hailed by the Taliban. There’s evidence that maybe he was a little bit annoyed with being in the army.