Decentralization of Iraqi Governance is Still the Best Solution

My position on Iraq explosion, stated in an article published May 22, 2007 titled “Decentralization: Iraq’s Only Hope,” remains the same today.
In the article, I explain that the Iraq Study Group’s recommendation to transform the U.S. military’s role from fighting militias and insurgents into a group tasked with training Iraqi forces to defend themselves had been attempted and failed.
“Like the Vietnam War, where the substitution of U.S.-trained South Vietnamese forces for withdrawing U.S. forces failed, the same plan will fail in Iraq. In Iraq, the United States is in a worse situation because it disbanded the Iraqi army and had to start from scratch.”
Instead, I recommended and continue to recommend a more radical solution of a decentralized Iraqi governance.
“…[T]he United States should use an immediate withdrawal of its forces to motivate Iraqi factions to decentralize the country into a loose confederation of autonomous regions. Iraq has already been effectively divided into autonomous areas, and Sunni insurgents and Kurdish and Shi’ite militias are governing those regions. What is needed is to have all Iraqi groups agree to this decentralized arrangement and adjust the boundaries.”