Promoting Sound Money with Voices of Liberty

I am very excited to be a part of Ron Paul’s new venture, Voices of Liberty. No one has done more to promote the cause of sound money in this country than Dr. Paul. He spent decades toiling as a lone voice in the wilderness, but thanks to the strength and consistency of his message and the amazing technological marvel that is the Internet, his message is now being received far and wide.

Through Dr. Paul’s work to educate the American people about the harm caused by the Federal Reserve System and the necessity to return to a sound monetary system, he inspired millions of people aroundPMFoss-Headshot31 the country and created an unprecedented grass roots movement. His work inspired me to found the Carl Menger Center for the Study of Money and Banking, which hopes to expand upon his legacy in educating the American people about the importance of sound money and sound banking.

I spent six years working for Congressman Paul as his legislative assistant for financial services, and was responsible for handling his End the Fed, Audit the Fed, and competing currencies legislation. Although it was a great shame to lose such a strong voice for sound money in Congress, Dr. Paul has more than made up for it since then through his efforts to take his message directly to the American people.

I am hopeful that Voices of Liberty will become the premier destination for those seeking to learn not just about sound money, but about all the current issues that impact our freedoms. A united front such as Voices of Liberty will do much good to spreading the cause of liberty. I am happy to be working with Dr. Paul once again through my contributions to Voices of Liberty, and I look forward to doing my part within the greater liberty movement.