US Intelligence Admits No Evidence Russia Did It

July 23, 2014 – My recent comments14519815357_d1f0f6789c_z on the shooting down of the Malaysia airliner got a lot of attention, mostly negative, from the mainstream media. From others it was more favorable and generally they agreed that Putin may be tough and nasty, but he’s not stupid.
It makes no sense for him to have had anything to do with the shoot down; nothing to win and everything to lose. It was agreed that the Ukrainian government had the most to gain by the incident, and raises the question of a false flag. Realizing that the Ukrainian government, the rebels and the Russians all had access to the type of weapon used raises more questions than answers. Jumping to answers so quickly, as the neoconservatives did, is not exactly the type of diplomacy that we need.
The tone of the reports now is changing. Though our government is still saying that Russia created the conditions that led to the tragedy by supporting the rebels, it admits that it doesn’t have any evidence that Russia was involved. I wonder if they now concede our support for the Syrian rebels may well have had a similar negative effect in that war.
It’s clear the US is softening its accusation. Who knows; maybe yet truth will break out. This mess makes me more convinced than ever that non-interventionist foreign policy is the way to go.