US-Backed Government in Ukraine Falls Apart

July 25, 2014 – The Ukraine13841189343_ab4f7723c2_z government has collapsed. Once again, a government the US helped bring into existence is falling apart.

This spring, the US—along with the help of the EU—accomplished a coup against the elected government of Yanukovych. Since then, things have not gone smoothly. Crimea secedes and joins Russia. Eastern Ukraine, sympathetic to the Russians, seek independence. Western Ukraine objects, and civil war breaks out.

The US an Europeans supported and urged the new government to confront the eastern secessionists. A Malaysian airliner is shot down, and a blame game breaks out. Two parties quit the ruling coalition, and now a new government must be formed in Ukraine.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the principle of non-interference in the affairs of other nations were accepted by all countries? The EU and the USA would abandon its interference and efforts to run Ukraine. Russia would stay out and keep her weapons at home. It would keep out the UN, NATO, the IMF, and let the Ukrainian people solve their own problems.

Maybe then common sense would break out, and East and West could declare independence and continue with loose ties with each other. The principle of self-determination and smaller government units would go a long way in maintaining peace around the world.