Sanctions on Russia Escalate Tensions, Threaten Western Military Confrontation

July 30, 2014 – More sanctions, more trouble, more unintended consequences.
The E.U. now supports more sanctions on Russia, to which Obama rejoices. Europe will surely suffer as the sanctions against Russia continue to escalate, and the U.S. will not be exempt from the unintended consequences of Russia’s responding in kind.12812710314_629255a4b0_z Obama sticks to his excuse for punishing Russia, support for the separatists in Eastern Ukraine and the persistence by many in the U.S. and Europe for blaming Russia for the downing of the Malaysian airliner.
The word that comes to my mind so readily, in thinking about this policy of escalating bombastic rhetoric and punishing sanctions, is hypocrisy.
Our president demands that Russia cease giving any assistance to the Russian-speaking area of Ukraine in its effort to separate itself from the European-leaning Western Ukraine. Obama argues that Ukraine should solve this crisis themselves. Yet it was the EU and the U.S. that precipitated the coup in February by overthrowing the elected government of Yanukovych. The U.S. continues to support militarily and financially Western Ukraine in its effort to achieve control over Eastern Ukraine. What Russia does is declared illegal. What the NATO-aligned nations demand is proper international laws, so the hypocrites claim.
This is a dangerous game they play. Sure, the West participants in the contrived confrontation all preface their jingoistic blabber with assurances that there will be no troops and no boots on the ground. Yet CIA personnel and special forces are exempt from these preconditions. The guarantee that can’t be given is that this aggressive policy that we follow in Ukraine will not do exactly that.
A Western military confrontation with Russia is the risk our policymakers are taking. The president, however, claims that the current policy is designed to prevent the bloodshed in Eastern Ukraine. He forgets—sanctions are acts of war. If China or Russia ever placed similar sanctions on the U.S., all Americans—Republicans, Democrats, Independents—would rally together in forcefully resisting this aggressive act.