What Non-Interventionism Really Means

August 5, 2014 – From Gaza to Ukraine9439139937_7377cd5a17_z1, Syria, Iraq and elsewhere overseas, our federal government has involved, and continues to involve itself in the affairs of other countries.
We give American taxpayer dollars to countries as foreign aid, we quote “Spread Democracy” by helping elect new leaders around the world, and we choose sides and supply weapons in conflicts.
For decades, you have stood firm in favor of a non-interventionist foreign policy. This idea goes back to the founders of this country, who first warned us of foreign entanglements.
While many people are waking up to the idea, including Millennials, there is still some confusion as to what non-intervention looks like. Those who are for non-intervention are sometimes called isolationists.

Tune in to get the full picture on non-interventionism!