Big Appeal of ‘Tiny House’ Movement

August 6, 2014 – Jay Shafer didn’t want14759880372_c1351e7177_z11 to be saddled with a 30-year mortgage, electricity bills, and too much stuff and space. That’s why he decided to live in a 100-square-foot space, paid for in a year with his “modest grocery store wages.”

Shafer appeared on The Tom Woods Show today to discuss his book “The Small House Book,” which discusses his choice to live in a small space and how it sparked the tiny house movement.

He explains:

“It seems a bit crazy to be pushing tiny houses in a country that really embraces big over everything else. But it seemed that since I was really into living simply, there might be others. And it turns out, there is. There is almost a universal appeal when it comes to very small, simple, efficient houses. If people don’t think they can live in them, at least they are very interested in the idea.”

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