How Beneficial is Polling Consumer Sentiments?

August 7, 2014 – Recent reports show consumer confidence has declined to its lowest since June. Now, the index that was just measured indicated consumer confidence was at 36.3 percent. Before the recession hit, it was 50 percent. And then it went down rather sharply down around 30 percent.
It’s bumped back up, but now it’s drifting down again. This may be an omen that people won’t spend as much money and there are still problems. I certainly believe that is the case. One reason why there may be a drop in consumer sentiment is that real income is down. But the sentiment is about what they will have in the future—if they will have a job and will they have more money.

The unemployment statistics have hinted that things aren’t quite so bad. But permanent jobs are still going down sharply while part-time jobs are going up. Tune in to learn more.