The Intercept: NPR Laundering CIA Talking Points

August 12, 2014 – Analyzing an articleScreen-Shot-2014-08-13-at-11.44.32-AM from National Public Radio (NPR) called “Big Data Firm Says It Can Link Snowden Data to Changed Terrorist Behavior,” Glenn Greenwald and Andrew Fishman of The Intercept uncover that NPR is laundering CIA talking points from tech firm Recorded Future.

From the report:

“…Temple-Raston seriously misled NPR’s millions of listeners. To begin with, Recorded Future, the outfit that produced the government-affirming report, is anything but independent. To the contrary, it is funded by the CIA and U.S. intelligence community with millions of dollars. Back in 2010, it also filed forms to become a vendor for the NSA. (In response to questions from The Intercept, the company’s vice president Jason Hines refused to say whether it works for the NSA, telling us that we should go FOIA that information if we want to know. But according to public reports, Recorded Future ‘earns most of its revenue from selling to Wall Street quants and intelligence agencies.’)”

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