Will Anybody Stop the Islamic State (ISIS)?

August 13, 2014 – How inept our CIA is. It’s pretty good at spying on us, but it can’t predict what the Islamic State, referred to as ISIS, is going to do. ISIS is a response to our government’s involvement in that country. Inadvertently, or perhaps purposely, we have been involved in the Middle East for too long. This has been going on a long time. And now Obama is sending the bombers back to kill people. What a tragedy we have precipitated, and for what? Much of this has been about oil. It’s hard to be non-interventionist when we created the problem. We took all that time to create a government, then ISIS comes along and it just melts away. The sooner we accept non-intervention, the better. After all, the ISIS fighters were funded by the US to fight Assad in Syria.

What are your thoughts on our efforts to stop the Islamic State?