‘Police-Initiated Violence Should Surprise No One’

August 14, 2014 – Violence in Ferguson,14726321938_13e216e33d_z Mo. is getting a lot of deserved media attention. The militarization of the police has been a topic frequently addressed on this channel. It’s been pointed out that it seems that a culture of violence has invaded all policing activities in the United States. The federal government now has over 100,000 bureaucrats who carry guns.

Last year, I made comments on how federal law enforcement personnel closed down Boston by essentially invoking martial law following the bombing at the marathon. My opinion was that it represented a gross overreaction by the police and something that would have never happened just several decades ago.

Protesters to the police killing an unarmed teenager have been met with tear gas, a substance banned in warfare. Police-initiated violence should surprise no one. NSA spies on everyone without warrants. Drug busts with SWAT teams making mistakes are common. The excessive use of police power should be an expected consequence of big government, which is authoritarian by nature.

Too many bureaucrats with guns, too many laws, too many regulations, too many prisons—all designed to protect the state. The people’s liberties are forgotten.

As the economy continues to deteriorate, expect the violence to accelerate. The unfairness of the distribution of wealth that is caused by economic intervention is the constant, smoldering issue that can turn a skirmish with the law into something much bigger. When root causes are not understood, emotions can easily take over. A simple, short version of what would help us is:
1. Understand the true nature of civil liberties and the right to own property.

2. Keep government small and the police local.

3. When a nation is prosperous and the middle class is large, envy and hate are minimized.

4. Prosperity for the maximum number of people can only be achieved through a free market economy and not by excessive policing of an authoritarian government involved in the redistribution of wealth.