#AskRonPaul: Discussing Liberty, Economics and Military Intervention

August 18, 2014 – Tune in to hear1 responses to the questions below! Send in more questions by signing up for a basic account and filling out the form here.

Abhishek V.
I am from India and you might be aware of the fact that India is biggest importer of gold. The middle-class here always buys gold as tradition not knowing significance of gold standards. Sad as it is, there is a central bank here which has been established by Act of Parliament. However with the fractional reserve system, we suffer the same consequence as anyone would. I would like to know how the country with its high gold imports can slowly migrate to gold standards.

Matthew S.
Dr. Paul, I have recently learned the outrageous number of nuclear weapons that the U.S. has at its disposal. What is your viewpoint on nuclear disarmament, and what are the hurdles and challenges that we as a county face in order to make nuclear disarmament a reality?

Allan H.
I want to study the economic history of the United States from an Austrian/liberty perspective. What book(s) would you recommend?

Denis S.
What are you general thoughts on why the GOP does not leverage that they represent 85 million people when the President blames them for the gridlock on the news?

Cory P.
Would you be interested in creating some kind of group which discusses, researches and experiments with new types of currency in order to help transition into a post-Fed world?

Jerrod H.
I am a broke student that just got out of the military. My eyes watered as I heard your words on PTSD. I logically understood my support in the war was a waste of money and it does bother me. I just want you to know your thoughts are hitting home with us. I wish you would run for president one last time. I feel like you are our only hope. What can I do to support you?

David W.
How do I spread the message of liberty here in the UK?

Gage C.
How do you feel about the NSA spying inside their own boarders?

Jesse L.
How can the USA fix the unjustified act of Israel? Should we reverse funding and make loans to Palestine?

Greg L.
When will we ever get another chance at a libertarian candidate for president with the reality of such controlling factors such as the carnegie endowment or the ford foundation, and did you heed any call from these places?

Charlie P.
Dr. Paul, at what point in time do you believe our monetary system will collapse? And, once the inevitable happens, how can I best protect my family and financial future?

Brandon L.
Hi I’m Brandon and I’m a 16 years old! It is so great to have so many teens interested in politics but only because they are concerned for their liberty and future. I am constantly spamming the global chat with something like, “”go youtube Ron Paul intellectually plummets Mitt Romney”” haha 🙂 My question for you, sir, is do you ever youtube yourself and read all the wonderful comments? P.S. Do you like to drink raw milk 😉