Obama Won’t Admit the Folly of Our Policy in Iraq

August 18, 2014 – The president took14893465023_238c9e0aec_z a break from his vacation to keep us up to date on the deterioration of the conditions in Iraq and the chaos in Ferguson. His critics said he must pay more attention to these problems, and he complied with this press conference.
Both problems are important, but I want to comment on his assessment of our once again expanding role in Iraq. His solution is to get the new government under Abadi to unite the country and then seek regional support for maintaining stability after removing the threat from the Islamic State. What a dreamer. The president sticks to his position that he will not resort to boots on the ground. All the while, more U.S. military personnel are being sent to Iraq each day.
He claims that our national security interest requires our participation in unifying Iraq and defeating ISIS, so we can expect mission creep. After 24 years of meddling and messing up this country, and causing hundreds of thousands of deaths, and spending trillions of dollars, there’s still no consideration for giving up on our persistent intervention in the entire Middle East.
And the president has, once again, forewarned us this is not a short-term project, so expect our involvement to last a long time.
The argument that we left Iraq and are now returning is misleading. Special forces and the CIA have continued to have a presence in Iraq, though our troops have not been engaged in constant battle. Our presence there has been constant. We have our largest embassy in Baghdad. Muslims, who resent foreign occupiers, remain displeased. Our presence is a strong incentive to recruit members to al Qaeda and ISIS.
At the moment it appears we will not admit the folly of our Iraqi policy, and we won’t come home until we are flat out broke. What a tragedy.