Andrew in Lacrosee, WI


First of all I want to tell you that I know how intimidating what you did was. I really do, and I’m glad somebody had the courage to do it. You knew what the possible consequences would be, and what makes you the hero that you are is despite knowing what they would do to you personally, you decided that the American people getting to know the truth was more important. You truly put the country ahead of yourself, and that takes more testicular fortitude than exists in all of Washington D.C. For that I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. On my behalf. On the behalf of my wife. On the behalf of my daughters, who will grow up in a world changed by what you’ve given us – transparency – I want to thank you most of all. Know that there are MANY of us out here who will not only support you but do what we can to protect you. You’ve become a symbol for us all Edward, and for that I pray you’ll one day get the hero’s welcome you deserve.