Benjamin in Durant, OK

Dear Edward, My name is Benjamin. I live in southeastern Oklahoma. I have been studying the decline of constitutionalism in our country only for the last few years. With what little I know, I am comforted that you’d be one to do what you did for your countrymen. You sacrificed your reputation and your livelihood to inform me that my government only cares about what they deem as right in their own minds, rather than the rule of law. Like Clapper, these men are hypocrites to charge you with anything while scrapping our blessed rights in the name of a silly, useless, vile war on a tactic. They have elevated themselves to supposedly be better than us, yet you have shown to be the better among us. You are a man by every definition of the word, sir, and I am honored to bear the same flag as you. God bless you and may you one day be rightfully welcomed home.