Graeme in Circleville, KS

Sir, what you’ve done is remarkable. I am deeply sorry that it had to be like this. It’s a wound in my heart to know that the public servants within our government vilify you to this extent. The real traitors across the country will have plenty of time to reconcile with such old bitter memories when their children read about you as a hero in their school textbooks, twenty years from now. Please do not make yourself out to be a figure of propaganda when you can be so much more than that. You’ve been a shepherd of truth in an hour of darkness when our senses of wisdom and wit have been disoriented. For the liberty of our daughters and sons, there is no sacrifice too great. In times like this, one must work not to impress. One must work to improve. You had a memorable impact on mass awareness. Now that you have their attention – – it’s time to spark a journey toward reclaiming the contents of that document our founding fathers wrote two and a half centuries ago. The voice you’ve incidentally developed is powerful enough to contribute to that. Be wise with your moves, sir. You have my respect, and though only observable in word for now, I feel that you deserve something greater than the Medal of Honor.