Henrik in Västerås, Sweden

Hi! Don’t really know how and what i can write to make you feel and understand the impact you have had on me and many many other all over the world. The bravery you have shown lacks comparisment in our time. Thanks to you the ground is shaking under the feet of our so called “leaders”. Maybe you lit the spark that can be the beginning of a new era. It seems like you’ve already opened the eyes of a lot of people who previously could not even think that the world leaders are corrupt! I myself am just a young(well.. 😉 )man from Sweden, far away from the heat of world politics other than following it and campaigning locally in a small libertarian party (www.liberalapartiet.se). And probably can’t begin to understand the pressure you have been and are under. But stay strong! We won’t forget you. Never. We, your supporters will see to that the eyes of the world stays on you and your situation. And remember that in future history books you’ll be written about as a HERO and not a terrorist nor spy. Besides my support and thoughts all i can give you right now is a thank you. I wish i could do more but i hope that it maybe brings a small string of light for you that you have inspired people all over the world! Sorry for my limited English, but i hope you understand my message.