Jackie in Spearfish, SD

Dear Edward, When I think of your sacrifice I always cry. It’s hard to put into words how much I thank you. You are such a hero to me. When you were in this country gathering the information that alarmed you into action I feel you must have been so sickened by what you saw. It has to all be so horrendous. The enormity of the evil deeds of this government are so incomprehensible in scope to so many of us. Oh, what you have done for your country! You have to be such a good man. You have to love your country so very much. My heart breaks for all you gave up to make us aware. But I thank you again. And now I ask my Lord Jesus to watch over you and keep you safe. I pray that one day we will see justice for the evildoers and you will walk in the United States of America as a liberated man. I will not forget you.