Nic in West Jordan, UT

Mr. Snowden, Thank you for showing the country that the government has been spying on its’ own citizens. I know this was a very challenging and difficult decision for you to make, having to leave your life in the US behind. I cannot thank you enough for how you have opened the eyes of the public. Sadly, they are already starting to close again. We need more people like you in the world to show governments around the world, cannot be trusted for the most part. This is the latest in a long list of where the US government treated it citizens like criminals or even enemy soldiers. Please keep up the good fight, you have my and many other peoples support. Please do not give up hope to return to the US one day (assuming you want to). You may and probably will face prison time. But heros and patriots are often cast in a negative light by the people that are oppressing them. Eventually your heroics will be brought into the light though. Best wishes.