Valerie in San Diego, CA

Dear Mr. Snowden, Thank you for working to expose the truth about the crimes the American government is committing against its’ own citizens. My husband is Muslim and from Syria. We are honest, hard working people who are just looking to provide a decent life for our children. Every time my husband travels internationally, he is held for several hours by customs. We have had our bank accounts frozen. We have been questioned on numerous occasions by the FBI. I am positive our phone conversations and internet activities are monitored. Thank you for having the courage to speak out. As a side note I find it ironic that Arnon Milchan, an admitted Israeli spy and arms dealer who illegally obtained components and information to build Israel’s nuclear weapon stockpile, was awarded an Oscar and is one of the most powerful men in Hollywood. He faces no criminal charges despite his work as a spy against the US and its’ citizens. You on the other hand have been made an enemy of the state for informing the American people of the illegal activities its’ government is taking against them. Thanks again.