Against Islamic State, ‘We Are Our Own Worst Enemy’

August 25, 2014 – To generate support for increasing or initiating U.S. military operations, the American people must be frightened and greatly concerned for the danger the lurks around the corner.
Remember how Saddam Hussein was about to attack the U.S. with weapons of mass destruction in 2002? All lies, but we invaded, bombed and killed anyway.
Once again we are being warned by our Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel of a threat from the Islamic State “beyond anything we’ve seen.” Last year, bombing of Syria was rejected by the American people and Congress. This year will be different. The administration has always argued that such action did not require congressional approval.
The barbarians are coming, and it’s thought that this foreign threat is our biggest problem. Those who believe this are all looking in the wrong place for the dangers we face.
But the real dangers that come from within a deeply flawed foreign policy, endless spending and debt, and a systematic attack on our civil liberties, are self-inflicted. Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, the Islamic State or the Ayatollah could never have inflicted the pain that we have inflicted on ourselves.
The barbarians eventually conquered Rome, but the real destruction of the empire came from within. The barbarians merely picked up the pieces. If we absence ourselves from the Middle East quagmire and allow the people of that region to tend to their own business, precipitated by foreign invaders for the past 100 years, a solution might be found.
The Islamic State is no pussycat, and is a danger in the region, but the motivating factor has been our presence that created the chaos. Look at Iraq today and one sees the results of a 24-year U.S. effort there to remake that country.
If the Islamic State is so dangerous, why not stop fighting its enemies like Syria and Iran? Why did we produce so much suffering for millions of Americans in the process of getting rid of Saddam Hussein, who despised radical Islam and held it in check? Why do we protect the financing for the radicals coming from Saudi Arabia?
Answer these questions and one will understand that we are our own worst enemy.