Paul Krugman: Smooth Character

August 26, 2014 – Recently Paul Krugman, in a NY Times sponsored blog, once again blessed the world with his bought and paid for message that big government is the answer.[i] I hesitate to even dignify a Krugman perspective with a rebuttal but even a benign tumor like Krugman requires attention. In his piece, Krugman fingers some obscure narrow events to make his point, which in fact, seem to disprove his point.

For instance, the Toledo water problem he suggests is proof positive that government regulation is necessary. The fallacy in his argument is that we have very heavy environmental regulation and yet the folks in Toledo still suffered through their water issues. Shouldn’t big government regulation have prevented that problem? He also claims that libertarians’ perspective that markets will take care of most problems is false because we see examples where that does not happen.

One serious aspect Krugman fails to consider is that crony capitalism and large government are one in the same. Big government is part of the DNA of our current form of capitalism. Government legislation is directed by the narrow interests of the few that can afford to purchase such narrowly advantageous legislation (i.e. the lobby process).

When it becomes apparent such legislation has actually hurt the majority you see bought and paid for pundits like Krugman blame a failure of market forces, somehow separating government from the process, when in reality it was the failure of government/corporate crony capitalism. A shining example of this is the Solyndra debacle costing tax payers over $500M but saving the principal investments of several legislators.[ii]

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of Krugman’s bought and paid for perspective is that it completely disregards, and thus disrespects, the basis and foundation of this nation. He presumes to have a better understanding of America than the folks that created America. Krugman and the Puppetmasters that pay him want to pillage the nation of its wealth and of its form to further distort its structure into their own golden goose.

They have not only distorted the legislative process to bring them fortunes, they steal from the middle class to create a social welfare net guaranteeing a point-of-no-revolt comfort level among the masses. A study by the CATO Institute released last year indicates that in 33 states government paid welfare is higher than the minimum wage for employment.[iii] Government not only wants their vote they want their complacency. This concept is as old as society itself. Warm and well fed citizens do not revolt.

And government clearly gets that revolt may be the only effective means to prevent an already corrupt process from completely taking control as the process itself has been redesigned to negate any threat to the new order. It is hard to determine if pundits like Krugman are truly just honestly misguided by way of belief or if they are part of the larger agenda. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter, the important takeaway is that Krugman and his message are simply bought and paid for by those who are benefiting by such corrupt principles. Krugman is big government’s Joe Camel.