‘It Looks Like the Cold War is On’

August 27, 2014 – The Guardian reports that “NATO Plans East European Bases to Counter Russia.” The reason given is that NATO is merely responding to a new Russian military approach. It’s claim is that Russia is responsible for the Ukraine crisis, and NATO must prevent Russia from fomenting trouble in the Baltics.
Of course NATO’s chief Rasmussen would never admit that a collusion of the U.S. along with the European Union orchestrated the coups who overthrew the elected leader Yanukovych this spring, which precipitated the crisis.
For years now, the U.S.8090905628_33ff6228b1_z has pushed its efforts to place missiles in eastern Europe. There was never enough support in the U.S. for this provocative move, and Russia was not seen as a threat. Now that Russia is exerting itself, our effort to move our empire with European help to its doorstep it is being used to propagandize for our military involvement in the region.
Russia will not take it lightly if we place missiles in Ukraine or any other country adjacent to the Russian border. No one would expect us to stand idly by if Russia put missiles in Mexico. So it looks like the Cold War is on. There is no Soviet Communist aggression to blame this go-around. Unfortunately the real beneficiary of our policy, which is the same as NATO, is the military industrial complex. If we weren’t NATO, NATO and the Europeans would be more cautious with their relationship with Russia. Knowing our military might and the U.S. dollar will come to their rescue if conditions deteriorate causes them to act recklessly.
Europe certainly suffers by going along with our punitive sanctions against Russia. The U.S. would be better off by staying out of this unnecessary fight. Europe, then, would be less anxious to engage in a trade war with Russia, which eventually could lead to a military confrontation.