To Obama on Iraq Forming Stable Government: ‘Lots of Luck’

August 28, 2014 – The president, back in D.C. from hisObamaonForeignPolicy vacation, speaks out on foreign policy. As far as Iraq policy goes, it’s just more of the same—resist ISIS with bombs, no boots on the ground other than the CIA, Special Forces, and military trainers. I guess they will all be wearing slippers.
Obama continues to urge for a regional force to oppose ISIS and for Iraq to get their act together and form a stable government. All I can say is lots of luck. He admits it won’t be easy or quick to achieve.
With regards to Ukraine, he just consulted with Merkel, and she agrees that Russia is totally responsible for all the chaos in Ukraine. That’s what is called war propaganda—total deception to gain support from the American people for a dangerous confrontation with Russia.
Syria, he admits, is a mess, and only by getting other nations in the region to help can that problem be solved. He admitted that ISIS got American weapons once they gained access to Mosul. The president claims Sunni cooperation is paramount. To achieve that, a Sunni-Shiite civil war of 1400 years would have to end.
To continue his policy, he was firm in restating his position that no congressional approval is needed. Besides, he admits he doesn’t even have a strategy and nothing to propose to the Congress. Is it any wonder that the current chaos that our policies have caused have gone on for more than 20 years?
The president mocks ISIS for not having a vision or an ideology. It may be an evil one, but believe me, they have one, based on a belief that their country is occupied by foreigners and that they have the moral high ground. Our government, for way too long, acts as if it’s terrified that peace may break out if we don’t agitate and aggravate monsters that we must destroy.