Listener Questions on Money, Minarchism & More

September 2, 2014 – Answering listener questions in this episode of the Tom Woods Show! Try your best answering these questions and post your responses in the comments below.

–> Supposing I agree with the Austrian contention that any supply of money is optimal, why wouldn’t a fully free economy ever need to create more money? Wouldn’t it be socially wasteful for a private firm to produce more money if we never need more money?

–> How does the ideal libertarian society deal with the issue of taxation? Given that taxation is legalized theft, but minarchy still requires a government with resources, how is this reconciled without sacrificing libertarian ideals, and adherence to the nonaggression axiom?

–> Given that a government is founded by the willful consent of the people under a social contract to protect life, liberty, and property, which can do better than individuals can do themselves, what if a single individual decides he does not agree with this form of government and doesn’t give his consent to be governed by it? How would a minarchist libertarian society deal with this situation?