We Must Reverse Police Militarization

September 2, 2014 – Today’s episode3842228585_ae40ddcdd9_z of the Voices of Liberty audio show covers a case of reverse police militarization.
When you’re given something to use, you’re tempted to use it. This statement is true in the case of military grade weapons being given to local law enforcement agencies, as seen during the protests in Ferguson over the death of Michael Brown.
Though many law enforcement agencies welcome the surplus weaponry, the San Jose Police Department in California has opted to send its 15-ton mine-resistant, ambush-protected troop transport vehicle, known as MRAP, back to the feds.
SJPD’s Sgt. Heather Randol said: “We’ve been going through the analysis process. It is a useful tool, but we realize it could be viewed by the community as the militarization of SJPD. It could create a divide, and we want the community’s trust.”

What are your initial thoughts on the decision by SJPD to get rid of its MRAP?