Ron Paul Institute: 10 Ways to Tell if Russia Has Invaded Ukraine

September 1, 2014 – In an articleScreen-Shot-2014-09-02-at-9.11.40-AM for the Ron Paul Institute, Dmitry Orlov writes the top 10 signs that would indicate Russia has in fact invaded Ukraine. It’s up to you to decide, “Because if Russia invaded on Thursday morning, this is what the situation on the ground would look like by Saturday afternoon,” he said.

1. Ukrainian artillery “are no longer shelling residential districts of Donetsk and Lugansk.”
2. On the ground in Donetsk and Lugansk, “Russians operate in battalions of 400 men and dozens of armored vehicles, followed by convoys of support vehicles (tanker trucks, communications, field kitchens, field hospitals and so on.”
3. Ukrainian military “soldiers and officers alike have taken off their uniforms, abandoned their weapons, and are doing their best to blend in with the locals.”
4. Russian officials are managing checkpoints “everywhere.”
5. Russia is now controlling most of Ukraine’s border crossings.
6. All civilian flights in Ukraine have been canceled as part of a no-fly zone imposed by Russia all over Ukraine.
7. Western media can no longer access “the usual Ukrainian talking heads, such as president Poroshenko, PM Yatsenyuk and others.”
8. Ukrainian refugees in Russia are starting to move back into Ukraine by the tens of thousands.
9. Europe and the U.S. are becoming diplomatically and militarily active in response to the situation in Ukraine.
10. Kiev surrendered and “Russian infantry is mopping up the remains of Ukraine’s National Guard.”

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