Response to Libertarianism as ‘the Natural Enemy of Science’

September 3, 2014 – The enemies of liberty areno-freedom-left-behind on the defensive. Their concern that we are indeed moving toward liberty and away from authoritarianism is motivating the defenders of big government to wildly strike out against the principle of non-aggression.
The critics of liberty are either unapologetic enthusiasts for government management of our lives and the economy, or they have no comprehension of what a society would be like if violence were rejected as a tool for improving mankind.
The Guardian, in its recent article bashing liberty, claims that libertarian ideology is the natural enemy of science. It claims that libertarians are on a permanent collision course with their position on climate change, health care, and gun control. That’s like arguing that libertarian ideology is the natural enemy of religious belief because it provides freedom of choice for believers and atheists.
The enemies of libertarians claim that only they know the final answer regarding climate change and anybody who disagrees is an enemy of reason, as they alone can defend it. Facts like no global surface temperature rising for the past 17 years and the current record size of ocean ice are to be banished from the debate by the authoritarians.
Libertarians are keen on debate in science and religion, not the arbiter of the choices and conclusions. But because libertarians don’t endorse forced redistribution of wealth at the point of a gun, the past failure of government-run health systems we argue for the right to opt out, just as all persons can opt-in for a voluntary form of socialized medicine.
Libertarians, though they reject the use of force, their ownership of guns for self-defense is logical. As to the unnecessary deaths caused by private gun ownership compared to the killing by government guns, it should be a no-brainer. Libertarians do believe in gun control, on government agents who instigate war and the slaughter of the unarmed, which is hundreds of millions compared to maybe a few thousand.

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