CNN: Parents’ Home Seized After Son Found with $40 Worth of Heroin

September 4, 2014 – CNN reports that the parents of a 22-year-old drug dealer found with $40 worth of heroin are being punished by law enforcement in a big way. Because their son was dealing drugs out of their house, something they claim they knew nothing about, authorities have seized the home.

From the report:

“The nightmare began when police showed up at the house and arrested their 22-year-old son, Yianni, on drug charges — $40 worth of heroin. Authorities say he was selling drugs out of the home. The Sourvelises say they had no knowledge of any involvement their son might have had with drugs. A month-and-a-half later police came back — this time to seize their house, forcing the Sourvelises and their children out on the street that day. Authorities came with the electric company in tow to turn off the power and even began locking the doors with screws, the Sourvelises say. Authorities won’t comment on the exact circumstances because of pending litigation regarding the case.”

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