Ron Paul on the Enemies of ISIS and Foreign Intervention

September 5, 2014 – This edition of the weekly podcast examines how Obama Administration officials call the Islamic State the biggest threat our nation has ever encountered and that ISIS is a cancer. It doesn’t help us that our federal government has armed and trained jihadist militants in Syria, and that members of ISIS has taken US arms in Iraq.

From the podcast:

“I was fascinated with the statement that our first mission for US air power returning to Iraq was to destroy US equipment. What? Destroy US equipment? Yeah, the kind of equipment that ISIS got from us putting it into Syria and these different places what we put into Iraq. And they just took over. So here we go. The American taxpayer pays for this equipment, we send it over there, getting involved in a war that we don’t even know who is on which side, and then it gets to the really bad guys and we think, well, we can’t let that happen.”

Are we stuck in a cycle of arming militants, then destroying the weapons we give them? When does it end?