Rare: Ron Paul is Not a 9/11 ‘Truther’

September 8, 2104 – In a recentScreen-Shot-2014-09-15-at-10.29.37-AM interview with Rare, former Congressman Ron Paul cleared the air on his views about 9/11 and the facts being kept secret from the public by our government.

From the article:
“I have never changed my position on 9/11, and I do not accuse the government of planning or knowing about 9/11 beforehand. I think what you will find is that government commissions tend to protect government incompetence, and that perhaps the government should have been able to put the intelligence pieces together prior to the attack. I have always advocated for transparency in government, which is why I believe the full 9/11 Commission Report should be declassified so the American people can read it for themselves.”

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