Report from Sao Paulo, Brazil

September 8, 2014 – My trip to Sao Paulo hasTatianaGabbi_RonPaulPresentation been exciting and encouraging. I found out that the young people in Brazil are just as enthusiastic about liberty as are the many young people I have gotten to know in the United States, especially over the past six years. I’m happy to report that the interest in Austrian economics and the principles of liberty is intense, with a growing number in Brazil.

Speaking to two distinctly free market groups, the turnout was into the many hundreds. I was flattered by signing over 400 books at the first conference. Lots of pictures were taken.

My take is this—the world is starved for the message of liberty, and young people in particular see it as a welcome replacement for the centuries-old, failed experiment in authoritarianism. Economic turmoil, loss of personal liberty, and needless wars have prompted a serious search for a society much less dependent on government solutions.

The world obviously is a much smaller place with the new means of communications over the internet. Ideas are spreading like a brush fire, and we are all aware that not even armies can stop an idea whose time has come.

View a gallery of photos taken from the Instituto Ludwig von Mises Brasil conference here.