Anarcho-Capitalism: The Tough Questions

September 10, 2014 – Today we talk2195448014_c93cf729cb_z anarchism, more specifically anarcho-capitalism. First off, I want to get a couple of things straight and perfectly clear. By anarchy, I do not mean total lawless, moral-less, orderless chaos. There’s no reason or evidence to suggest that the whole of the people would completely lose all sense of reason if there were no government. Of course there would be some who do, as there are those who lose it even in our modern statist society, like in Ferguson, Missouri, for instance. But nowhere near enough to disrupt the workings of our society as a whole.
Anarcho-capitalism is a system that is completely workable, though I personally think it’s an evolutionary process rather than a revolutionary one. More on that later. For all intents and purposes, an anarcho-capitalist society would work in much of the same way as the society we live in today. In fact, for most of your day, you live as an anarchist would. You wake up, you choose the clothes you want to wear, you eat the food that you want, you decide whether or not you want to go to work that day, you decide what’s for lunch, for dinner… a cup of coffee? Sure. It’s only when you have to stop at a DUI checkpoint, you get pulled over for the overdue license plates on your truck, you have to pay taxes, etc., that you have to enter into the workings of the statist system.
What are your thoughts on anarcho-capitalism? Do you agree that it is a completely workable system? Tune in and share your thoughts in the comments below.