American Government, Media ‘Are All Neocons Now’

September 11, 2014 – The president has13290347713_c545afa239_z heard the shouting from the neocons. War will once again be expanded in the Middle East. More grease will be placed on the slippery slope of militarism as a fully acceptable answer to the problems we face around the world.
The US has been engaged in hostilities in this region for more than 24 years, with no evidence that any good has resulted. The president now has announced a re-escalation of the war in Iraq and Syria. The neocons, with tremendous assistance from two major political parties and a compliant media, have been successful once again with their war propaganda. It has now said, we are all neocons now.
Facts are ignored, history denied, logic is thrown to the wind, truth becomes treason, emotions replace common sense. The profiteers of war will never give up. The Wall Street Journal rejoices. Dick Cheney is still right. Thomas Jefferson’s admonition that peace, commerce, honest friendship with all nations and entangling alliances with no one is ridiculed as un-American.
One significant truth at the present is that the greatest threat to our liberty is domestic—not foreign. The attempt to spread America’s goodness throughout the world with threats, sanctions, invasions, occupations, subterfuge is a lost cause. It doesn’t work, and in the effort America loses all its credibility for being exceptional.
The president got the message last week: be bold, be tough, be aggressive. Tone is everything, except that when the firmness is directed toward a position of senseless war it will serve no useful purpose and it will contribute to the coming financial crisis. Peace and prosperity is not a possible outcome of a policy of constant war, deficits and the undermining of our civil liberties.
The alternative to our current policy should not be hard to figure out.