Consequences Are as Certain as Death and Taxes

September 11, 2014 – Watching thetitanic-sinking nation sitting on the edge of their seats last night and reading the flurry of social media anticipating the president’s address to the nation that yes in fact he does have a strategy for ISIL and here it is… I was slightly disgusted by the entire production. When has a president ever laid out a specific military strategy to the world?

This ‘event’ was simply to cover his earlier gaff of suggesting we had no strategy. And yet the entire event was accepted and received as a necessary and traditional formality. Doesn’t anyone see the theatre of it all? We created an enemy. Yes, this is not conspiracy or diatribe; we factually trained and supplied these folks with everything they need to terrorise. Why did we do it? Perhaps sheer absolute stupidity. Perhaps a more diabolic agenda.

Who knows, well someone knows, but the point is that each time we negate to call out these assholes for doing more damage to this nation we become a necessary part of its demise. Each time we fail to force our government to explain what in the hell happened, what were the poor choices that got us in this spot, who in the hell is responsible and then holding those folks fiercely accountable we perpetuate the destruction of our nation.

So to watch the whole event last night for me was disheartening making it abundantly clear that we the people so easily fall in line with the predetermined script that is written for us. We so easily become a part of the production. We play our role so well for the directors. And so it is on all of us that we continue down this dead end path. What will it take? What will make you stand up and say enough? Is there anything left that these politicians can do that you would consider so egregious, so blasphemous that you will stop pointing fingers among us to the left and to the right but will take a stand against the failure and corruption of those in charge?

Or are we past the point of no return? Look around and you will see it’s already begun to spiral. Boom and bust cycles grow larger with each pass. Ever increasing costs of recovery are born by us all while the wealth of recovery is captured by the few. Income disparity is wider and control of we the people more absolute than ever before. The only question that remains; are we losing or have we lost control of what belongs to us, we the people? Because if we have lost, then hope is gone, for our course is set and voices like mine can dissipate into the wind. If that is, in fact, the case then I believe I’d want to accept it as such and spend my time focused on friends and family rather than chasing the ghost of a once righteous and formidable nation. I’d like to savour the glory of what once was, rather than fight the inevitable hardships that lay ahead. And make no mistake, if change is impossible, we will come to bear the burden of our errors for consequence is as certain as death and taxes.

So you tell me: Shall we play the music, pour that 50 year old scotch, fire up our finest cigars, sit back and simply watch the ship go down? Or do we still have a shot at making this right?