RT: Responding to Obama’s Strategy for Eliminating ISIS

September 11, 2014 – Daniel McAdams, executive director of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity and a Voice on VOL, spoke with RT yesterday evening immediately after President Obama’s announcement of expanded efforts to combat the Islamic State.

From the interview:

“I think this was the official resuscitation of the Bush doctrine of preemptive warfare. On one hand, he says ISIS—I’m not going to call it ISIL—ISIS is not a direct threat to the United States but someday in the future it might be, therefore we have to go in and not only ramp up our attacks on Iraq but now violate the sovereignty of Syria and start dropping bombs on Syria. So this is the Bush doctrine on steroids.
“This whole idea of a grand coalition of countries is a facade. This is the same thing they said before. This grand coalition is the US military. The president’s announcement is basically, we’re going to do everything we’ve done before. The mission started creeping from day one. Remember, we were told that very limited strikes would be conducted to help these people stuck on a mountain—we later found out there were far fewer of them than we were told—and to protect US personnel in the Kurdistan region. This mission started creeping immediately. The US started bombing ISIS in different areas. They made up a new story and then, all of a sudden, these two beheadings—these supposed videos of two beheadings—came up and scared everyone in the United States into supporting this. And no one talked about the fact that the mission was creeping intensive.
“You know what? What I found interesting was the president, first of all, claiming no boots on the ground when we already have 1,000 boots on the ground in Iraq. Then he’s saying we need to send in, what, 500 more, to start training the Iraqi military in how to handle this. Well, what on Earth have they been doing for the past 10 years or so? I thought that’s what they had been doing. I thought that’s what all the billions of dollars were being spent doing, training the Iraqi military which, at first sight of conflict, turned and ran and dropped their weapons.
“One thing that hasn’t been said, and certainly the president didn’t say it, is that a US strike on Syria, without the authority of the Syrian government, is a violation of international law. It is a violation of sovereignty. It is against international law. And here is a president who says we have to protect Ukraine’s sovereignty against Russian aggression, the same president who, willy nilly, will violate international law, violate Syria’s sovereignty to bomb Syrian territory without their permission. It’s double standards.
“The reason why the public opinion in favor of strikes is going up is because, just watch the mainstream media in the United States. It’s exactly like 2002 where the media uncritically reported everything the administration was saying about this enormous WMD (weapons of mass destruction) threat of Saddam Hussein. The media is doing the exact same thing again, and people are being fooled again. Just quickly on the beheadings, the other two fellows were right. This did coalesce support for US airstrikes in Syria. But let’s not forget, these two gentlemen, as tragic as it is, they chose to pursue a profession that was extremely dangerous. I was a combat journalist myself in the past, and I had no expectation of the US government would come and defend me if somehow I got myself in a bind. So I think this was just a propaganda that the government is using to get support for this new war.”

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