Life and Work of Murray Rothbard

September 15, 2014 – Lew Rockwell joins The Tom Woods7876804598_df4d98e4c7_z Show to discuss the life and work of Murray Rothbard on this episode of the show. Rockwell is the founder and chairman of the Mises Institute and publisher of

From the episode, Rockwell said:

“Rothbard is important for a couple of reasons, first of all because he was such a significant scholar as an economist, as an historian, as a political philosopher, he was an original thinker and a very compelling thinker. A man who created, among other things, modern libertarianism by combining 19th century American anarchism and Austrian economics and natural law based in Aristotle and Saint Thomas Aquinas. Really, it’s a durable, fascinating philosophy. It explains what we need to be concerned about. In a sense, it explains how we need to proceed. It’s extremely compelling.”

Have you read Rothbard? Do you follow his modern libertarian philosophy? Share your experience finding this philosophy in the comments below.