When Democracy Fails

September 18, 2014 – Democracy is a8735821208_1578ae3c9f_z notion that we value very highly in our society that doesn’t seem to be working out when we try to apply it to the Middle East. Why? In short, because democracy is merely a system, an amplifier for the will of the people, and the cultural values that make it work in the West haven’t taken hold strongly enough in the Middle East yet.
Because the desires of the majority in many of these nations is for Sharia states and the persecution of minority ethnic and religious groups, this is what inevitably comes out of democratic elections, and the regimes that we try so hard to remove are quickly replaced by more of the same. We have to recognize that the issues that the Middle East faces run much deeper than just the political system in place, and the drone strikes and troop deployments are not going to be able to fix them.
Until a major culture shift occurs, many of these same issues are going to keep showing up, and we need to recognize this before we send soldiers over and try to reshape these nations.