RT: Canada to Revoke Passports of Citizens Who Join ISIS

September 21, 2014 – The CanadianScreen-Shot-2014-09-21-at-1.30.29-PMgovernment has decided to revoke the passports of any citizen who leaves the country to work with ISIS and fight in the Middle East. It remains unclear how exactly the government determines who is working with ISIS and at what point a passport would be revoked.

From the article:

The move on the part of the Canadian authorities appears part of an effort to prevent Canadian nationals from reentering the country after becoming exposed to extremists and their tactics. It also means that Canadian citizens who make the decision to fight in Iraq and Syria will be stranded there, since they would face a flight ban with a revoked passport.

Ron Paul recently questioned the effort in the US to label Americans who join ISIS as traitors.

Do you think the US government should do the same to Americans who decide to leave the country to fight in Iraq and Syria with the Islamic State? Post your thoughts in the comments below.

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