Looming Global Economic Slowdown Evident on Every Continent

September 25, 2014 – This edition of my Investing Insights column for Money and Markets provides evidence of the rolling global slowdown and evidence of this threat in China, Europe, Japan and the United States.

From the article:

“Nothing is more threateningObamaSpeechISIL today than this looming slowdown. Its presence could be noted in the sudden indifference of the gold price this summer even as the Ukraine situation was still escalating. It is seen in the oil price shrugging off the advance of ISIS even with the frightening prospect of the entire Mideast region stumbling into a new war, one that crosses many borders.
“The gathering gloom has even diminished the market’s concern with Obama’s new bombing attacks this week in Syria, the beginning of a “sustained campaign” that the Pentagon says could last years. While the attacks spiked gold briefly to $1,237 (most of the increase quickly given back up), it barely registered a blip on oil prices and it wasn’t enough to overcome the gravitational force of the slowing economy.
“The symptoms of stagnation are evident on every continent, in the developed world and in the emerging markets.”

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