Neocons Say the Darndest Things!


October 19, 2014 – Roughly a decade ago, before I had ever heard of Ron Paul, before I knew what a libertarian was, I bought into the mainstream myth that political opinions can be neatly divided into two camps, left and right. On the left were the commie liberals, who not only wanted the government to run the economy, but who also hated God, the military, the American flag and apple pie.

Being a fan of economic freedom (and of pie), I deduced that I must therefore be a conservative. To bear this weighty title I learned that I must hold the free market and the Constitution in high regard – except when they permitted someone to do something I didn’t like. I also learned that I must revere military interventionism and believe wholeheartedly in the power of the federal government to make people moral.

As I discovered libertarianism I learned that it was what mainstream conservatism claimed to be: a principled belief in liberty. I also came to see neoconservatism for what it was: a half-baked political theory replete with contradictions. Neocons wear these contradictions on their sleeves, proudly supporting people and policies that completely belie their stated beliefs in limited government and individual liberty.

For these reasons, I find neoconservatism largely insufferable. Browse my list of the five most annoying things that neocons say and add your own in the comments.