Five Reasons Conservatives Should Oppose the Death Penalty

October 28, 2014 – The topic of the death penalty has been an important one for some time. As someone who celebrates life and respects the right to self-defense, I find there to be no place for capital punishment in our society. To my conservative friends, and all others who will listen, I offer five reasons why you should oppose the death penalty. Conservatives should oppose capital punishment for moral reasons and economic purposes.

1. We should all cherish life. Life is an inalienable right, which is why it is immoral to take another person’s life unless they are first trying to take yours. Indeed, some of the most despicable acts of murder may lead many to agree that capital punishment is a just reparation. However, if the violent attacker is not immediately slain by the victim or those around the victim in a moral act of self-defense, it would be morally superior to reinforce the belief that we truly cherish life.

It deathpenalty is strange that the party that claims a pro-life position are also proponents of capital punishment and endless war. True, some may charge that there are differences between abortion, capital punishment, and war. Even so, one who is consistent in cherishing life would be opposed to arming government with the power of capital punishment, and would only seek war in immediate self-defense and as constitutionally declared by Congress.