Marijuana Midterms 2014: #LegalizeIt

Consider why Brookings Institute researcher John Hudak characterizes Colorado’s legalization as a “success.” Here are some provisions of the law which Hudak lists as “succeeding”:
• Creating smart product tracking systems;
• Temporary barriers for market entry;
• Limiting purchase quantity;
• Requiring video surveillance; and
• Regulatory agency funded by taxes and fees.

And here is what Hudak says “needs work”:
• Unregulated homegrows risk diversion;
• Inconsistent servings of THC edibles; and
• Misaligned incentives in taxes and tourism.

Of course, what Hudak lists as “succeeding” may not bode well for the future of freedom: “tracking,” “barriers,” “surveillance,” and more regulatory bureaucracies “funded by fees and taxes.” It may be better than before, but think the implications through as they pertain to freedom. Do you want marijuana regulated like this?…