Marijuana Midterms 2014: #LegalizeIt

And, as for Hudak’s “what needs work,” the free market would better address those needs than government. All in all, Hudak is framing Colorado as a “success” for government. But will it be a “success” for the people in the long run? Remember, it has been the nature and tendency of government to incrementally suppress freedom, even after it may appear that more freedom has been granted to the people. The devil is always in the details. This is not to take away from what Colorado and Washington have done. Kudos to them and the unprecedented four legalization initiatives up for vote on Tuesday.

The takeaway is this: yes, the developments in favorCannabisSativa of legalization are heartening. But don’t let it turn into “one step forward, two steps back.” Freedom is a process. After “one step forward,” momentum must be sustained. The goal is to eventually get the government out of the marijuana market. The less government intervention in any given market, the more prices come down and quality goes up. After Tuesday keep pushing, win or lose.