Big Government Says: Everything is Wonderful!

Don’t trust big government.

That’s the message of the latest short video released by the Tenth Amendment Center.

President Obama tells us that progress is “happening.” Bloomberg says he doesn’t want to end the Second Amendment. FBI Director James Comey claims the government doesn’t collect all of your communications.

If you listen to the politicians and pundits, they will tell you, “Everything is Wonderful.”

But if you lift away the rhetoric, you will find only lies.

Tenth Amendment Center executive director Michael Boldin produced the video. He said a trailer for the upcoming Hunger Games movie inspired him.

“In the trailer, the president says, ‘never before have we been more unified.’ At the very same time a revolution rages on. When I saw that, I started thinking: you know that’s not an ironic movie moment. It is a representation of what we experience today – every day,” he said. “Cheerleaders for the state are continually telling us to calm down – and not worry – about the economy, about their spying programs, about their gun control. But, it’s all propaganda. It’s all lies.”

Boldin uses some fun cinematography to poke fun at the feds and their propaganda. But he says he hopes the video does more than just make people snicker, or shake their heads in disgust.

“While this $90 video production could never match the quality of the Hunger Games, I hope that the message resonates,” he said. “Turn off the propaganda, and take actions to live more free – whether they want us to or not.”

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