China Has a Laser that Shoots Down Drones


November 5, 2014 – Drones are often associated with surveillance by government, but they can also be used for surveillance of government. That is, unless a government laser shoots it down first, which is what China is now able to do.

From the article at ABC News:

The Low Altitude Sentinel system can detect a small aircraft within a 2-kilometer (1.2-mile) radius and shoot it down within five seconds, the newspaper China Daily said, citing a statement from the China Academy of Engineering Physics.

The system is designed to destroy small drones flying below 500 meters (1,600 feet) at a speed less than 180 kilometers per hour (110 mph), the China Daily said.

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After the Ferguson no-media-fly zone incident, do you expect the US government to crack down on private drones or unmanned aerial vehicles? Voice your opinion with a comment